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Better light, better life

Prolucent specialises in poultry lighting. We improve the welfare of chickens due to our intelligent led lighting. Our dynamic led tubes and bulbs provide an optimal environment where stressful behaviour of both broilers and layers decreases significantly. Therefore, Prolucent contributes to a more efficient management of the poultry barn with better feed conversion and lower mortality.
In 2022, two new research projects on spectral steering of poultry kicked off.


ABOUT  Prolucent

What we do better?

All Prolucent led tubes and bulbs have individual fuses and are controlled by a safety dimmer. We do not only provide light, we sense the barn. Prolucent offers dynamic led systems for safe, stress-free and healthy poultry barns. The return on investment can be reached within one year after start up of the Prolucent led system. Find the hard number proof in "References/The DJ's of research".

Our values



The Prolucent range is designed to resist the corrosive conditions in the poultry barn.



Prolucent leds produce optimal spatial and spectral distribution with minimal loss of energy.



The leds adapt to the needs of the poultry barn via mono/bicolored, dimmable tubes and bulbs.



Prolucent keeps the barn safe via  shutdown functions and audible alarms.

Our customers

Poultry farmers

The end customer of the Prolucent products and services. We do it for them and their devotion to rear poultry in a healthy and profitable way. A happy customer drives our motivation for each time, to do better.


A supplier of technological systems for poultry barns. They are responsible  to install the Prolucent range according technical specifications. Prolucent could also  act as an Original Equipment Manufacturer for tailor made solutions or innovation projects.


A supplier of hardware, software and barn equipment. This crucial group of partners interacts between the led manufacturer and the poultry farmer. We are on the lookout for new dealers across the world.


A contractor for turnkey poultry barns. They work closely together with integrators and dealers to make sure Prolucent technology is mounted correctly in new projects or important renovations in the poultry barn.

Science & References


PROLUCENT sales outside the BeNeLux

Prolucent sales in the BeNeLux

Prolucent R&D unit in Belgium