What poultry farmers say

In this short video, farmers gave their view on working with Prolucent and highlighted different features of the system. The intelligent leds of Prolucent offer significant advantages in the daily operations at the poultry barn.

Henk stals from Happy ei in Nederweert (NL)

After a fire in the barn, we chose to improve safety and installed Prolucent led lighting. Every led lamp has a separate fuse and combined with the safety dimmer, the lamp is shut down immediately in case of overheating or short circuit.

Guide Verhaeghe from Poultry Farms in Geel (BE)

Poultry Farms is working with the T2 white/blue and white/red combination for several years. Immediately after installing the Prolucent intelligent led system, the percentage of ground eggs dropped with 95 (!). From then on, the effect was permanent offering a significant increase of productivity.


PROLUCENT sales outside the BeNeLux

Prolucent sales in the BeNeLux

Prolucent R&D unit in Belgium