eXplorentis BV

At eXplorentis we aim at creating better lighting solutions for a better life. We develop technologies that benefit humans, animals and nature. Our lighting solutions can simulate natural lighting and allow full dynamic control of the spectral power distribution of the lamps. We develop advanced "light recipes" which induce specific biological responses in living organisms. Our R&D team works together with knowledge institutes to investigate the influence of light on living organisms. Brands of eXplorentis: EPIX, LUCENTI & PROLUCENT.

Olivier Leirs

Oliver is the owner of eXplorentis, the company behind the Prolucent brand. Other brands at eXplorentis are Epix and Lucenti for projects in architainment (architecture + entertainment). He's also the R&D Manager and coordinates all innovative developments for architainment and poultry lighting. He has the final signature for mockups and prototypes and interacts with the manufacturers in Belgium and China.

Vincent Jacobs

Vincent is the R&D Engineer at Prolucent. He is responsible for the development of the innovation projects and coordinates the process from concept up to commissioning of the products. He specialises in embedded software, protocol implementation as well as spectrometric analysis.

Peter Rakers

Peter is the Business Development Manager and responsible for the Prolucent brand. He is the contact point for conceptual questions such as light recipes, R&D projects, keynote speeches or any innovative idea regarding the welfare of poultry. He also acts as the ethics advisor for the EU ERA-NET project ICT-AGRI-FOOD.


PROLUCENT sales outside the BeNeLux

Prolucent sales in the BeNeLux

Prolucent R&D unit in Belgium