Better life 2-star in Swifterbant

Better life cat. 2 layers at the family Franken's barn in Swifterbant

and E27 DimTo led bulbs

The mixed livestock farm raises 200 dairy cows and 100 animals of young stock on 83 hectare of farm land. As of April 9, the poultry barn will hold 48.000 free range layers with a 2-star Better Life quality label.

Combined installation with T2 bicolored led tubes

Pieter and Karina Franken in Swifterbant (NL)) recently restarted their poultry farming business after suffering from a barn fire 3,5 years ago. They invested as much as possible in fire proof measures including a Prolucent light system with standard safety dimmer included.


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Prolucent R&D unit in Belgium