The DJ's of research

This video shows the light DJ at work, the MC of spectral distribution. Prolucent is your partner in research. The bio-response of animals on light is an area which is not fully discovered. Lots of questions and finetune opportunities remain open. We continue to invest in science projects in order to improve the welfare of poultry and the profitability of the farmer.

Jan Noorlander in Barneveld (NL)

Jan Noorlander wanted to decrease the fine dust particles in the barn. He also had an interest to boost a nutrient in eggs. Together with Prolucent and Gasolec, a new lamp was developed in order to research the effects on both Jan's ambitions.

Nieuwhuizen poultry in nistelrode (NL)

The rearing hall at Nieuwenhuizen Pluimvee suffered from cannibalism and severe pecking. Different light recipes were tested in order to calm down the chickens and decrease mortality. Also the placement of the led lights was crucial in order to have equal light distribution and to avoid concentrated point lighting.

PeHeStat, the experts in hard numbers

PeHeStat is a Belgian veterinary group of specialists in poultry data collection and data management in order to improve the production process in poultry farms. For laying hens, they proved the Prolucent lighting system to be profitable with an increase of € 0,47 per animal on short term, and in the long run, an increase of € 0,54. Important savings were also made due to less labour for the daily gathering of ground eggs in the barn.


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Prolucent sales in the BeNeLux

Prolucent R&D unit in Belgium